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Ines Rae is as relatable as it gets on ‘Burner Phone’

If you’ve ever been ghosted then you’ll know the feeling- and so does Ines Rae. You’re waiting on that call and all of a sudden it goes quiet and they’re nowhere to be found. ‘Burner Phone’ perfectly captures that experience, it’s almost like they were contacting you from another phone that has gone off the radar. Pair the emotions of the experience with a defiant Pop sound and you have Ines Rae’s new track that’s guaranteed to be your new obsession.

Talking about the new track, Ines shares: “I’m so excited to be releasing my EP – Burner Phone is track one and means a lot to me – I think it will resonate with many too.  I wrote it in the middle of lockdown 2020 – it was initially born out of not being able to be with the person I was seeing during that time and the insecurity that came with the absence. Always wondering what they were doing, why they didn’t message back and getting the impression that they weren’t being transparent. The song presents the idea of a Burner Phone as the symbol of a double life – a life you don’t have a part in and where ignoring you becomes easy. A lot of people will have experienced something similar – pretending you never existed is the easy way out of a relationship – but that doesn’t make it right.

Ines Rae has big things coming up and is one to stay firmly on your radar!