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Introducing Arkuen

“Yeah we’re wild, mama told me to dance from the heart”

With a vibrant and bold energy, delivering a captivating and unique brand of artistry that features a dazzling blend of hip-hop, rap, R&B and pop vibes; last week, brand new artist Arkuen made his emergence onto the music scene with the release of his debut single EntranceKicking things off with a bang, Arkuen is already rapidly following up his incredible debut release with his sophomore single Wild – out today. A fantastic new release, Wild delivers more of a fusion vibe that draws upon a more dance hall, bachata and reggae based energy. A different sound than we hear on Entrance, Wild showcases a new side and sound to Arkuen’s eclectic and diverse artistic style. 

London-based, and hailing from a Colombian / Jamaican and cultural changing household; Arkuen grew up with a richly diverse background and family that exposed him to a variety of music and genres; from salsa, bachata and cumbia to soul, gospel and reggae, that has since influenced his artistic direction and sonic style. Inspired by the world and culture around him, and with diversity at the heart of what he does, you can no doubt hear this vision come through in his music to feature at its heart, with him incorporating an array of generic elements and influences to create something wonderfully diverse and distinctive; creating music that both pushes boundaries and transcends cultures and time. 

Back today with another new release, Wild opens with an addictive and rhythmic guitar line that instantly brings you into the sonic world of the track. As the instrumental progresses, gentle vocals harmonies emerge onto the soundscape as Arkuen’s melodic and skilled vocals weave their way to the forefront of the track; highlighting his vocal prowess. With a captivating beat and thrumming percussive elements running throughout, Wild gives off a dynamic up-tempo energy that makes you want to get up and dance. Delivering an irresistible atmosphere, this is certainly one track that will have you listening on repeat. 

Talking about Wild and his music, Arkuen explains:

“Songs like wild and other side are personal to my background. It speaks of immigration and stereotypes, history of my people, the biggest thing I learnt from my background was the power of community and FAMILY. It all sewed together really fluidly editing. family is the beginning of our story and we all have family.. We are not as different as we think, I was honouring where we all came from before carrying on with the climax of the story.”

A multi-talented creative, Arkuen is not only an artist but also a talented dancer, director and an actor. With a whole lot more music to come, and rapidly placing his mark on the music and creative scene; Arkuen is one name we are sure to be hearing a whole lot more of in the months and years to come. So to keep up with the emerging artist, find him on his socials:


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