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Late last month, emerging artist Ben Wolf delivered his debut single UltravioletStill at university only a few months ago; this year, the 21 year old Belgian singer-songwriter took the leap to honour his New Years resolution, as he left university to take his first steps into the music industry. A stunning and captivating release, Ben introduces us to his music and artistry in an impressive debut, and certainly showcases himself as an exciting emerging talent.

Studying medicine at university, and feeling like he was not honouring his true purpose in life; at the start of this year, Ben decided to fulfil his passion and love of music and songwriting, and make that leap to leave medicine and pursue music. And in his debut single Ultraviolet, this marks the epitome of that transformation and the introduction to his introspective and dreamy lo-fi pop sonic universe. A gentle and minimalist soundscape; the track is pulled along by a captivating percussive beat that runs throughout. With a mass of synth textures and Alt-Pop rhythms flowing across the melody, the hypnotic instrumentation draws you in from the very beginning. However, the stand out feature on the track is undoubtedly Ben’s genre-blending vocals; as he delivers an impressive array of melodic riffs, while switching this up for smooth rap style verses. 

Talking about the single, and his transition into music, Ben explains “As my first song, it signals for change and is based on how I felt when I was studying for my medical degree. Having released this anger and made the step to work on myself, my emotions have also changed. This is all part of the journey. Ultraviolet light is used by insects, bees in particular, to locate pollen flowers and thus nectar. As a medical student, because of the hive mentality, I felt like a bee constantly having to suppress my sixth sense for the ultraviolet glow. When my frustration reached its peak, I decided to leave the hive and follow the trail towards my own nectar.”

With more exciting music and release hopefully to come from Ben Wolf, he has undoubtedly shown himself as an exciting new artist, and certainly one to watch for this upcoming year. So make sure to follow his journey for more incredibly new music, and keep up with him on all his socials @thebenwolfpack

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