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Yesterday, Brooklyn-based indie-pop singer-songwriter/producer ÊMIA released a brand new single, Needy Desperate ManicA light and up-tempo pop track, the song marks a change from her more sombre previous releases Sleeptalking and Hurt By You. Radiating positive energy and feel-good vibes, the song is a highly relatable ode to that silly and romantic side of us that takes over when we have a crush. And in the words of ÊMIA, “It is my love letter/ roast to my fellow hopeless romantics”. 

“One thing that has stayed the same is how hard and easily I fall. Even after experiencing so much heartbreak, it doesn’t take too much for me to throw all of that out of the window when I feel a certain type of way about someone. I don’t need much to imagine my entire life with them and project all of my hopes and dreams on them. On the day of my writing session with my co-writer, I was distracted by Instagram and trying to find out who my crush was on a date with last night. That emotional rollercoaster I was experiencing inspired the first line of the song”.

Intro-ing the track is a pop-led guitar instrumental that instantly puts you in a fantastic mood! A bubbly and upbeat melody; the bright and joyful composition is a perfect sonic reflection of that happiness you feel when you have a crush, that the fun and honest lyricism explores. The gentle melody gradually builds as the chorus approaches, and it crescendos as it incorporates a range of soft-synths and dance beats into the glittery soundscape.  

Alongside the bubbly melody, ÊMIA’s vocals are a standout feature on the track as she delivers a stunning performance that highlights her vocal talent and ability. With an impressive compilation of vocals that are both relaxed, but also expressive of the emotion behind the lyrics; ÊMIA has transformed this universal feeling into an addictive pop-track you’ll certainly be having on repeat!

Certainly an artist to watch, to keep up with ÊMIA and her journey in music, find her on all her socials @thisisemia

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