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Earlier this month, London artist Emily Laing dazzled us with the release of her latest single The WindDrawing inspiration from her own experiences, Emily uses this to make music that is candid, sincere and intrinsically human at it’s core. Finding fame with a song she wrote about Christopher Chope’s controversial vote in parliament regarding upskirting; the indie-folk singer saw her video rapidly go viral, amassing almost 140,000 views on Twitter alone. Since then, she has been releasing a steady stream of honest and relatable singles, that draw on the universal issues of mental health, romance and family relationships. 

Her latest single The Wind is certainly no exception. A stunning indie-folk ballad, Emily delves into looking at that feeling and experience when you’re trying to making sense of the grief and pain as a romantic relationship comes to an end. With honest lyrics, the narrative is driven forward by a stripped back production, and a painfully sweet finger-plucked guitar melody; highlighting both her gentle vocals and captivating lyricism.

When discussing the deeper meaning and sentiment behind the song, Emily explains; “This song exists for the person who helped me to feel real. My first true love”, Emily explains. “We listened to a lot of stories and a lot of music. I think anyone who connects to the lyrics of this song will understand why. If the melody reaches your core my heart goes out to you. Love is hard. But better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”

With more enchanting and candid releases to come; to keep up to date with Emily, and her ever rising artistic journey and music news, head over to all her socials @emily_laing_uk

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