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Introducing Harry Edwards

Having an incredible journey over the past two years since delivering his debut release, rising artist Harry Edwards has rapidly proven himself as a dazzling new talent and artist to watch. A brand new signing to Universal’s Decca Records, Harry is a multi-talented London-based artist, producer and self-taught multi-instrumentalist whose previous collaborations include the likes of James Bay and FKA Twigs. Now back with his latest new release, Harry flexes his production skills and talent as he showcases his brand new mixtape, Loopsout now. With an incredible journey ahead, he is undoubtably set for another fantastic year as we head into 2022. So definitely keep your eyes and ears peeled for what we can expect next from him. 

Released earlier this month, The Loops mixtape is a stunning 8-track record that brings you into an emotive and immersive sonic world; focused on ambient instrumentals and soft, atmospheric vocals that float above the ethereal melodies. Keeping listeners on their toes, the record taps into and draws from a range of sounds and genres that give it such a unique and original energy; from gentle and soulful ambient notes on Logs Are People Too, to the more hard hitting hip-hop style beats we hear on NR11 Hop. Fluctuating between menacing electronic synths, distorted vocals and sweet soulful melodies; the complexity and richness found throughout the record is utterly irresistible. 

The follow on from, and incorporating his previous single, I Hope You Hear, into the recordfor this track, we also get some stunning new visuals to accompany it. Simple and beautiful, the video delivers a comfortingly nostalgic visual that perfectly reflects the energy of the track. With purposefully glitchy visuals, they tap into hazy memories with an aspiration to relive intimate moments with loved ones through an empathetic lens. And for the rest of the record, Harry dropped a beautiful visualizer to go alongside each song; fully immersing us into the world of Loops. 

With music always having been an integral part of his life, identity and childhood – despite not always being set on a career within music – it was following his struggle with repetitive strain injury, due to an early obsession with the drums, that led to Harry broadening and exploring his creative scope and tapping into his other talents and musical inclinations. Experimenting with a wider array of instruments, he soon honed his unique and innovative approach to music and creativity; leading him to become the multi-talented sensation audiences have come to know and love. 

Only the beginning, we can certainly expect more incredible releases from Harry in the months and years to come. So make sure you keep up with all his latest news and music on his socials: @harryedwardsmusic

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