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The solo, passion project of Ben Bailey, keyboard player of Rochester Indie-Rock band JOYWAVE; New York Multi-Instrumentalist Jacob Asher just came out with his latest new single Medusa, accompanying the track with some brand new visuals. Released late last month, the song is a follow-up to his previous single, Joshua Tree; and makes up Jacob’s 4th release of the year. 

“The story within “Medusa” is about texting and driving, and subsequently dying. You become distracted while swiping through instagram, only to look up and meet your end. I have personally had a few close calls with this particular scenario, thus drawing inspiration from that fear.”

Jacob Asher on Medusa

With a catchy and addictive modern pop beat running throughout, Medusa is energetic, light and up-beat. Alongside the bubbly melody, we see Asher’s lyrical content bringing authenticity and relatability to the more mainstream pop landscape; with energy of the track inexplicably rousing a feeling of “something” and “nothing” all at once.

Releasing a music video that both simultaneously reflects and juxtaposes the airy and light-hearted nature of the track; the video was inspired by the idea that actual humans work inside traffic lights, manually changing them. Filmed entirely on an iPhone during quarantine; the visuals remain striking and captivating with some incredible visual effects, dynamic shots and fascinating imagery.

For more on Jacob Asher, and to be the first to know all about his latest music releases and news; find him on social media: @jacobashermusic

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