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Introducing Kayla Grace – ‘Bird in A Cage’

Emerging with her debut release, Watford-based singer-songwriter Kayla Grace delivers a poignant narrative of life as a teenager throughout lockdown with her brand new release Bird In A Cage. 

Making her emergence onto the music scene, Watford based Alt Pop singer-songwriter, Kayla Grace showcases her unique and dazzling artistry with a dark but enchanting array of music. Drawing inspiration from strong female artists such as Amy Winehouse, Billie Eilish, Ashnikko and Clairo, Kayla’s enchanting blend of pop, rock and indie generic elements delivers a familiar, yet entirely unique energy. And today, she introduces us to her dazzling sound and artistry as she unveils her poignant debut single Bird in a Cage.

A moving and beautiful track, Bird In A Cage was born out of the despair and helplessness Kayla has felt as a teenager living through lockdown – a relatable and understandable reality for many during these crazy times. Delivering an honest and relevant narrative, the lyrics are witty and often times amusing, whilst at the same time addressing a variety of social issues and championing a message of female empowerment. With captivating melodies, layered harmonies, and a soft rhythmic guitar line; they float dreamily alongside Kayla’s delicate cadences and vocals that feature prominently above the soft and minimalistic melody. Relatable, honest, and candid; this track is a perfect embodiment and refection of the experiences we have all shared over the past year.  

“‘Bird in A cage’ is, to put it simply, a song about lockdown. It’s painfully relatable but feels so personal and I think it’s something I needed to get out of my system to comprehend how much life has changed for everyone since coronavirus. It’s got this kind of irony because I’m complaining about my birthday being on a zoom call while people are literally dying, but I think it just shows the reality of the situation and how differently it’s impacted everyone. I’m in my final year of university and I’ve not really left my bedroom all year but I’m still putting this pressure on myself to be grateful that I’m even alive and healthy. I think a lot of people will resonate with the feeling of being isolated and trapped (like a bird in a cage) and all I’m hoping is that the song will help them realise they’re not truly alone. We’re all in this situation together and one day it’ll be okay again.”

A perfect debut offering, Kayla is set for an exciting year, and musical journey ahead. Already working on her debut EP, whilst releasing occasional singles, we can expect more upcoming music and releases from Kayla soon. So make sure to keep up with her and all her music news on her socials:


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