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Introducing Me Nd Adam, and their latest release ‘American Drip, Part I’

Texan electro-pop-rock duo Me Nd Adam return with their brand new album American Drip, Part I.

Earlier this month, Texan electro-pop duo Me Nd Adam released their debut album American Drip, Part 1Unveiling their coming of age stories in their 12-track project, the album features a stunning instrumentation containing vibrant synth melodies, dynamic percussive beats and rhythmic vocal cadences. Over the past year, Me Nd Adam have been refreshing and developing their sound and artistic style; embracing their Texan roots, as they lean on subtle country and rock influences while maintaining elements of their original electro-pop style. With a new sound and energy, the band’s influences range from Willie Nelson to Meek Mill, Jason Isbell to Blink 182; shaping their contemporary style.     

Garnering millions of streams on Spotify alone, and receiving critical acclaim from outlets such as Rolling Stone, Wonderland Magazine and The Line of Best Fit; the pair have been going from strength to strength over the last four years since their debut release. The culmination of a turbulent relationship between Adam and Vince; the pair realized their combined artistic vision was too much to lose, and they had no choice but to embrace their differences and craft the emotionally turbulent alternative pop duo, Me Nd Adam. Now living the dream in a small apartment in Austin, they’re sharing their hope-tinged despair with the world.

Their latest venture American Drip, Part I, is the musical culmination of a coming-of-age journey across America. After separately leaving their hometown of Austin, the pair bounced around from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, and cities in between; later reconnecting in the vibrant city of New Orleans. Concocting a unique and surprisingly addictive sound, American Drip, Part I is the perfect new record to get us through lockdown 2.0, with its honest, relatable and vibrant lyricism and artistry.

Introducing the album is Living The DreamBeginning the track with an ambient synth refrain, the song develops into a melodic and low-tempo country-pop instrumental. With gentle beats and soft synths running throughout, the soundscape is the perfect introduction to the wider sonic style that the album reflects. Gliding atop the easy-going melody are vibrant and textured vocal cadences, that make the perfect accompaniment to the genre-fluid instrumental style. 

As we work our way through the record, we experience a mass of electro, synth, pop and rock influences; with the album delivering a melting-pot of sounds and energies. From track number 5 – The More I Grow Up, a standout song on the albumthat showcases a gentler and more vulnerable vibe; despite its up-tempo energy. To track number 9 – No Excusethat leans heavily on electronic influences, with a lo-fi alt-pop focus; alongside softly vocoded vocals. 

Bringing the album to a close is the final song, Sundays Are for SadnessWith a gentle guitar instrumental pulling the melody along, the track begins with an emotive and stripped back alt-pop composition; progressing to infuse more vibrant and energetic country and soft-rock influences. With light and mellow melodies, the narrative takes a light-hearted approach to people’s dread for Sunday, and the loneliness the end of the week can bring. And flittering in and out of the dazzling sonic landscape are stunning electro guitar riffs, and subtly warbling synths, that add an extra layer and texture to the instrumentation. 

A stunning collection of coming-of-age songs, and a captivating record from start to finish; Me N Adam are solidly placing their mark on the music scene, and are undoubtedly heading on an upward trajectory; poised for great things and more fantastic releases. To keep up with the duo, and all their latest music news, find them on all their socials @mendadam 

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