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Today, we’re introducing Florida-based singer-songwriter, Nic Howell. With a talent for blending a powerful narrative, alongside some addictive guitar riffs; through both his hard-hitting music and honest lyrics, Nic manages to project deeper sentiments of love, belonging, and life as a teenager. Back with his fourth release of the year; last month, Nic released his latest single – his brand new track, Tear Me Apart

Tear Me Apart uses realism as a tool, addressing the real topic of toxic relationships and what it does to you. With lyricism such as ‘I’m not running away from your poison’ and hard to forget guitar riffs, it’s clear to see why this is one track you’ll have on repeat. With an up-tempo punk-pop energy, Tear Me Apart combines a blend of addictive beats and energetic vocals together with a strong storyline that everyone can relate to.  

“Tear Me Apart is an anthem about toxic relationships.”

Nic on Tear Me Apart

So make sure to give Nic’s latest track a listen! And to keep up with all his newest releases; find him on all his socials @nichowellmusic

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