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Introducing Sophie Hutchings

Hailing from Australia, Sophie Hutchings is an incredible multi-talented artist and composer who creates stunning and utterly enchanting piano led-work that delivers a captivating and immersive experience. Releasing music since 2010, her decade long journey has seen her produce stunning compositions, born out of her love and affinity for nature and mindfulness. With the natural world being an integral component of Sophie’s work, her creative process has largely involved drawing inspiration from the outdoor expanses of her native Australia. With the impact of Covid and lockdown, this saw Sophie changing her approach to music and creativity entirely; embracing the isolation and using it as a means of navigating the chaos and collective trauma of the world. Through this, Sophie produced many of the new works she’s released over the past year and a half.

Following a two year long hiatus, Sophie came back last year and has delivered an impressive series of releases over the past 18 months; ranging from vibrant singles to her latest full length record – her 2020 album, Scattered On The Wind. And most recently, she came out with her newest single, Surrender To The Deepest Blue (Live). With more incredible things on the horizon, she is set to follow up her 2021 album with another full length record at the end of this month. Available to pre-order now, the 11-track album, Echoes In The Valley, is no doubt going to dazzle and amaze; continuing to showcase Sophie’s talent and further solidify her place within the industry. Recognized around the world as an incredible artist, with an audience of over 80 million global listeners; her music is imbibed with her unique and personal sound and energy and has become known for its intimate beauty and poignant melancholy.

Continuing to embrace the creative flow and inspiration she experienced during Covid; on her newest album Echoes In The Valley, we see Sophie explore the tension between beauty and isolation, and experience Sophie in collaboration with her natural surroundings. Talking about the record, Sophie explains:

“With the ocean to the east and rolling fields in the west. A Sub-tropical mix of farmland and forest, woven with hills, and a quaint little village, Echoes In The Valley is about stripping back all the layers to the bare minimum.. Simplicity.. Taking a step back from the contemporary world. I took some skeletal demos on my iphone and then allowed this natural environment to complete the story. A mellow uncomplicated approach, hence an isolated recording in a remote natural environment … To let the space of the scenic backdrop tell a story too and naturally weave it’s way it’s way into the atmosphere of  the pieces and the recording…”

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Photo Cred: @Luke Dubbelde

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