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Introducing: Tilly Valentine

Her first release of the year, independent UK electronic, pop, and Jazz-R&B artist Tilly Valentine is back with a brand new project – her debut EP Nothing Left To SayEmerging onto the music scene in 2018, Tilly has since released a string of self-released singles that have now accumulated almost a million streams; while also gaining a mass of support from the likes of BBC introducing, Radio 1 and 1Xtra and more. Developing a trademark for her playful and conversational lyricism; her artistic styles draws on an eclectic blend of vibrant jazz infused elements, complimented by a retro blend of pop, R&B and soul that sits alongside her effortless and elegant vocals. 

Back with a stunning compilation of new music, Tilly’s brand new 5-track EP brings together a nostalgic blend of emotive R&B/Jazz-led tracks. The next step in Tilly’s artistic journey, the record immerses you in a narrative that is all about letting go of the old to embrace the new. And when discussing the overarching theme and meaning behind the EP, Tilly explains “Nothing Left to Say is a collection of my experiences, it summarises how circumstances changed me and influenced my writing over the years this EP was created. The artwork represents how a picture speaks louder than words, how expressing feelings through song is its own remedy”.

Creating vibrant and enchanting soundscapes, that bring together groovy jazz melodies and soft R&B beats; the easy-listening cadences of Tilly’s captivating vocals are a melodic constant throughout the EP as they weave effortlessly through the record and expertly adapt to the varying changes of the sonic landscape. Introducing Tilly’s divine vocals is track number one – Fit For A King. With silky and honeyed tones, Tilly’s skilled and magnetic vocals are perfectly complimented by the colourful instrumentation, filled with rhythmic R&B and Jazz vibes; and we are brought into the charismatic world of Nothing Left To Say. And bringing a full circle element to the record, the EP comes back around to Fit For A King on the final track, with a stripped back version of the song. 

Included on the EP are two pre-release singles – Brick By Brick and Coins – with Coins marking the start of her musical journey, as her debut single back in 2018. Both infusing the same blend of Jazz/Pop/R&B instrumentation; we see the emergence of soft and glowing electro synths making more of an appearance on the sonic landscape. And in addition to this, we also have the first unheard track of the EP – Pirouettes. With soft and twinkling ballerina-like piano melodies, alongside mellow jazz beats; this is contrasted by Tilly’s hard hitting conversational lyrics, that highlight her talent as a songwriter. Sharing the inspiration behind the lo-fi jazz-pop track, Tilly explains “I wrote ‘Pirouettes’ about all the things people said to try and make me feel better when I was going through a break up. Sometimes when you’re in that place, any help or advice can feel hard to accept”. 

A stunning EP from top to bottom; we are sure to be hearing more from Tilly in the year to come! So make sure to keep up with her on all her socials


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