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Invigorating new single from Olive Featherstone: Lie Down

Olive Featherstone, a Bristol-based artist who has established herself as one to watch in the British Indie music scene, is set to release her debut album ‘I Was Wondering, Lost’ in the Summer of 2022, shedding light on topics such as drug misuse and depersonalisation, providing a safe space, with her identity as a solo artist to express personal narratives in a creative setting.  The single ‘Lie Down,’ from the highly anticipated album, is an expressive picture of Olive’s struggles with the loss of identity. The song, which is packed with delicate guitar riffs and Olive’s soothing voice, takes you on a journey that progressively burst with a release of energy, shedding a brighter, revitalizing light on the gravity of the difficult subjects.

Talking about the inspirations of the song, Olive Featherstone shares: 

“’Lie Down’ was always one that felt incredibly emotional for me; it covers the time of my life when I was struggling most with depersonalisation. I was bedridden for a week, unable to do most things without feeling overwhelmed by the state I was in. It felt as though I were watching my life through a TV screen somewhere in my brain. The worst part was no one around me being able to relate to how I was feeling; so being able to look at that time retrospectively is so wonderful to see how much I’ve progressed. Calum Wotherspoon, my guitarist, and producer, really helped me breathe life into this track. My favourite bit of this recording is the jangly, gritty guitar tones and the gradual descent towards the end of the track.”

The bold single displays Olive’s artistic brilliance in the song’s emotional and invigorating journey, and you can feel as much as you can hear it. ‘Lie Down’ is establishing the impending ‘I Was Wondering, Lost’ as a magnificent and victorious debut, full of emotional storytelling and rich production, showcasing Olive Featherstone’s best attributes as an artist, and we can’t wait to hear it.