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Irish three-piece N.O.A.H share their highly-anticipated debut EP ‘Echoes Of The Night’

Euphoric and pushing boundaries, ‘Echoes Of The Night’ is a powerful debut EP that showcases N.O.A.H’s addictive alt-rock sound perfectly. Boasting collaborations from Booka Brass and Irish hip-hop outfit Hare Squead, there are no holds barred when it comes to taking their alternative rock sound into new territories. The lead single ‘Hands Up’ was released to a highly positive reception from Irish tastemakers and the EP’s five brand new tracks seek to do the same. Full to the brim with energetic anthems and magical melodies, this EP is not to be missed. 

Discussing the EP, N.O.A.H share: “We wanted to try to represent this transitional year for us, in the same way the story of Noah effortlessly separates the old from the new. We feel that EOTN symbolises this change and is a foundation for what is to come from the band”.