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Israel-American singer, Maki Supa, is back with new single ‘Inspirational Song #12’ ahead of E.P ‘Noon to Nine’

Israeli-American singer-songwriter, Maki Supa, is back with a new EP ‘Noon to Nine’. Before this however, he’s treating our ears to a new ‘Inspirational Song #12.’ Thrashing drums, electric guitars that ebb and flow between each other and infectious vocals all merge together to create an infectious sound. Tinges of rock, indie, and dance-pop can all be found within his music.

In creating this latest music Maki Supa had help from skilled producer Shai Saadia, who has been working on his craft for over twenty years and who gave the artist the help he needed to piece this EP together. With Saadia, Supa achieved a unique soundscape to serve as the foundation for his meandering texts and powerful, melodic delivery.

Yet it is Supa’s strident reasoning for creating his new style that perhaps speaks volumes for his overriding reason to make music in the first place –

Maki Supa explains: ‘I’m not impressed by most things happening in music today, and think we have an image first culture… all in all, we have people who have never read a book writing lyrics, and other people who can’t tell a chord from a cord writing songs, so we shouldn’t be surprised that this is what we’re getting.’ 

Giving fans a glimpse of what was to come, Maki Supa released ‘Somewhere in Bretagne’ on August 30th, and if current release ‘Inspirational Song #12’, and ‘What Kind of Day Has It Been’, scheduled for release on December 1st, can live up to the same heights, Maki Supa will be one to watch.

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