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IVAN MOULT: “What More Could I Say?”

Cardiff-based singer-songwriter Ivan Moult is back with another new release! With his sound inhabiting a curious and gentle niche that spans across the 1970’s folk/blues tradition and modern, confessional lyricism; throughout his music, Moult has a way of bringing his personal life and infectious personality right to the forefront. Now, two years on from the release of his critically acclaimed album, Longest Shadow; Ivan Moult offers up an exciting first glimpse into the sound of his upcoming music, with the release of his brand new single, What More Could I Say?, released last week. 

Written, recorded and mixed by Moult himself during lockdown, What More Could I Say? showcases a subtle shift from the lovelorn purity of its predecessors; and the heart felt track reveals a songwriter who is still pre-eminently focused on the inner workings of love in all of its complexity and nuance. However, where before there was a focus on the hurt, sadness and confusion; there is now a begrudging, and almost contented, acceptance. Through the pure and honest nature of the track, and Moult’s song writing style, the new single still highlights him as an artist, and somebody, who isn’t afraid to open up when he gets behind his guitar and a microphone.

With a gentle and emotive guitar instrumental, the intro of the track immediately gives off a relaxed, lazy Sunday, summer atmosphere; and radiates a sense of hope and calm. Maintaining a smooth, ambient vibe; What More Could I Say? retains Moult’s folksy/blues sound, with the focus placed on his almost ethereal vocals and the light, unassuming guitar melody. 

With a sound that’s stylistically evocative of the likes of Yusuf / Cat Stevens, John Martyn, Damien Rice and Nick Drake; Ivan Moult is heading for big things over the next year. So make sure to check out the rest of his discography hereand find him on all his socials which are linked down below. 

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