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Jack Howard shares vibrant new single ‘Another Day’

Starting off the year with ‘Circles’, Jack Howard’s alternative sound has garnered is causing feverish attention in 2024, including praise from the likes of BBC Radio 1. Originally from Portsmouth, Jack brings a unique energy to his soulful and intricate sound. Now based in London, he’s quickly gained acclaim for his live performances, selling out venues like Prince Albert and Colours Hoxton, and landing slots at festivals such as The Great Escape and Wild Paths, as well as offerings for Sofar Sounds in Brighton. Moving towards his forthcoming debut EP, ‘All Things That Came Before’, his introspective lyrics explore growth, identity, relationships, and resilience.

Jack Howard’s ‘Another Day’ is graceful and pretty, deeply intricate, but on the surface so raw and natural that you search for what you know the music has to offer. The delicate high-pitched synths falling on the mix, the unstoppable electric guitar arpeggios, and the sleek and confident punch of the drum rhythms, all come together to create a rich and blooming feel as if the track’s vibrance will continue to grow, breathing new life into all that surrounds it.

With the steady build falling into a new section at about the halfway mark, you expect another verse in the same vein to be around the corner. Instead, listeners are greeted with a soulful repeated cry of love, each element taking on a new mask as you dive into the divine. A truly vivid listening experience.

Jack shares a further insight, “Another Day is about hope. This song is about someone I love overcoming addiction. When I was younger sometimes all I needed was hope that the sun would come up and a new day would begin. Even now I still wake up extra early so I can sit in the silence of day break. When I wrote this song I needed to be hopeful that it was all going to be okay. I hope this song gives you a little bit of me!”