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Jacob Humber to release religion inspired single “Jesus at My Dining Room Table”

Religion isn’t an easy topic by any means, but is explored in a well executed indie-pop song by Jacob Humber. “Jesus at My Dining Room Table” provides the listener with cinematic instrumentation and an infectious vocal, that gives the listener space to take in the essence of the track.

Jacob began writing songs when his football career ended and it’s proven to be the best thing that’s happen to him. He’s gone from strength to strength and has now moulded his craft to be creating incredible art. The singer-songwriter hopes to advance even further with his newest single.

Jacob reveals that the inspiration of the song came from college and his own personal experience of religion. “Toward the end of my time in college in Waco, TX, I started writing songs with a guy I worked with named Ben. We held similar sentiments on a number of conversational topics – one specifically regarding the character of Jesus from the Bible. He and I were both raised in evangelical christian households, and we both harbored frustration and sadness over who Jesus is hailed to be by “Christians,” and who we’ve experienced this man to be in our own lives. The two versions of Jesus couldn’t be further apart – something we would talk about often.”   

With important conversations within his music, Jacob Humber is an artist with a story to tell.

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