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Jada O’Neill X Maniscooler release infectious single ‘Can I Just’

Jada O’Neill’s latest release ‘Can I Just’ has an R&B facade but also touches on elements of lots of different genres. The song features a strong rhythmic backbone, groovy bass lines and a vocal that is penned with emotion but floats around the track mix creating Jada’s signature sound.

Speaking to us about the release, Jada says: 

“I’ve recently been really inspired by Kaytranada’s work, and wanted to make a house song. “Can I Just” is my first House/R&B and I really just wanted to share the feeling of going out , seeing someone and falling in love with that person and that feeling. That urge of suspense of seeing them again.” 

The track is produced by Maniscooler, who has received accolades from Pepsi and NBA 2k, as well as receiving co-sign from EDM king Martin Garrix in 2020. With collaborations like this happening, we can see her career going from strength to strength.

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