Jaish is breaking the mould with newest record ‘Money Money’

UK artist Jaish is proving himself to be a true trailblazer in the industry as he fuses soulful, jazzy notes with candid bars that speak on important narratives and really make you think. Growing up surrounded by the sounds of hip-hop and grime that his brother listened to, Jaish has carefully curated a brand that can easily fit into the UK jazz scene as well as the alternative hip-hop crowd. His hybrid brand makes him a strong contender to make it to the big time.

Speaking on its meanings and intent Jaish reveals, “I took inspiration for Money Money from my love for Joey Badass’ track ‘Paper Trails’, and the message that the song puts across. The fact that money doesn’t bring happiness, although it seems to be the one thing everyone chases, seems to be an interesting concept to me, and I think it’s great to have a conscious perspective on the fact that money isn’t everything. Although I strive to be successful and rich to provide for my friends and family, I also strive to find happiness in other aspects of life, which in my opinion are of more importance than the figure in the bank.”

Sharing his track ‘Money Money’ alongside some innovative and artistic visuals, Jaish’s return has proved triumphant and leaves us with the question – what gem will he share with us next? 

Check it out here:

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