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Jamws will capture your imgination with ‘I Don’t Want To Fall In Love’

Get ready to be captivated once again by the incomparable Jamws, as he unleashes his latest single “I Don’t Want To Fall In Love,” a prelude to his forthcoming debut album.

“I Don’t Want To Fall In Love” is a celestial masterpiece, replete with heartwarming synths, understated drums, and velvety-smooth vocals that will transport you to a dreamlike state. This is the opening track of his album and serves as a perfect representation of the tension that runs throughout the record.

Jamws revealed his inspiration behind the song and the album, stating, “This song is about attempting to control love and its timing. There was undeniably a growing tension the closer I got to this person, and it is manifest in the song. It’s as if I’m kicking and screaming as I’m being dragged into ‘the deep end,’ as I call it. Part of me desires to surrender and say, ‘well, this is where you are,’ so let go, while the other part of me is hanging on and thrashing. This is also the opening track of the album, which feels very fitting, as the tension of wanting and fearing love is a substantial theme throughout the record.”

Jamws is no ordinary artist. He has masterfully crafted a unique and distinct sound that merges ethereal, dreamy sounds with infectious pop. Although you can discern the influences of The War On Drugs and Japanese Breakfast, he expertly integrates these influences into his music with his own unique touch. His music is an embodiment of his personality, his songs oozing with emotions, straight from the heart.

Jamws has a one-of-a-kind approach to his creative process. “When I compose music, I try not to think too much about a template. It was important to me to have ample space for full band and solo arrangements, as well as electronic, producer-y stuff. Artists like Prince and Paul McCartney gave me the confidence to experiment with all sorts of arrangements and not feel constrained.”

To bring his vision to life, Jamws partnered with the illustrious producer Mikko Gordon (The Smile). The collaboration was an enormous success, and it’s evident that the producer was able to flawlessly capture Jamws’s emotions. “He and his co-producer Matt helped me bring out the best in these songs. I believe we connected so well because we were all on the same page about getting to the essence of each track and amplifying its emotion.”

With his incomparable sound, superb partnership, and ever-growing fanbase, Jamws is a force to be reckoned with in 2023. We cannot wait to see what he has in store for us next. If “I Don’t Want To Fall In Love” is any indication of what we can expect from ‘Soft,’ we’re in for a real treat!

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