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Jay-D releases rap infused new single “No Painkiller ft Greg Blackman”

Jay-D’s sound cannot be put into one box. Rather than taking the traditional rap route, his sound is tinged with a colourful melting pot of influences that include RnB, electronic and pop. In amongst his irresistible sound, Jay-D has been known by many for his genuine support of mental health and it’s movements, and his vulnerable side can be found shining through on his music. His 2017 album “Before I Rise” took us on a well-flowing journey that came in the form of a 10-part project which conjures up a voyage of emotions. Unapologetic in his delivery, his lyrics are sure to entice you in and leave you wanting more. 

His latest single showcases his unique sound, whilst also showing his development as an artist. Playful drums pierce through the mix, forming a formidable groove when paired with a bassline. Euphoric synths create a melodic melting pot that layers down on top and creates a larger-than-life sound. Soulful vocals are present in the chorus, tinged with emotion and rawness whilst his hard-hitting, straight talking bars in the verses are sure to grip you and pull you in.  

His music video showcases a gritty backdrop of a gym. Empowerment, community and self-love are all present within the video and provide the perfect accompaniment to the single. 

Speaking about the release, he shares: 

“The reason I made my song ‘No Painkiller’ is because I wanted to create a piece of music that represents the underdog. I wanted to tell a story of someone who is at their lowest point, someone who is downtrodden. I wanted to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that someone can climb out of the darkest pits of life. 

I wanted someone who could bring a soulful sound to the track, that’s why I picked Greg Blackman. His voice brings the positive and soulful feel that is needed to create the positive vibe I was looking for.

The music video perfectly represents the message that I wanted to deliver with this song. The underdog story with the female boxers creates the feel of overcoming any negativity that comes your way. I also wanted a diverse cast in the video to show that anyone, from any walks of life, can be the underdog and become successful. 

I am very proud of the song/video and what it represents. I am a big supporter of mental health awareness and I hope that this single can help people during these uncertain times.”

Jay-D has already received a warm welcome from his previous releases, and we can see this being elevated even more. Improving every release, we can’t wait to see Jay-D take this sound to the top. 

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