Jaymaker makes a huge impression on new EP ‘All In Moderation’

UK rap music has been going through an enormous renaissance these last few years, with dozens of incredible names breaking through to international success. And now newcomer Jaymaker is looking to join them as he drops the stunning new EP ‘All In Moderation’.

The first of three new EPs he plans to release before the year is out, ‘All In Moderation’ is brimming over with exceptional talent. With a flow that conjures comparisons to slowthai, Jaymaker has this broad and infectious energy about it, something that is hard to come by these days.

Adding about the new EP, he said, “‘All In Moderation’ is an overview of my next two EPs ‘Live This Life’ and ‘Too Honest’. Being truly honest and realising that I don’t live that life but live this life. I’m honest about how I live my life.”

There is definitely something very special happening here and we can’t wait to see where it goes. Listen to the ‘All In Moderation’ EP here.

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