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Jaz Vernon releases silky new single ‘Blue Coupe’

Far Rockaway based R&B artist Jaz Vernon became a multi-instrumentalist at a young age, playing piano, trumpet and drums. Now, his fresh releases blend 90s and modern R&B to create a polished nostalgia that you can really lose yourself in. His tracks have been featured on multiple radio stations nationally.

Jaz Vernon’s latest track is ‘Blue Coupe’ a tune that it couldn’t easier to kick your feet up to, that simultaneously inspires you to get up and get moving. Jaz’s lyricism focuses on not wasting the little time we have, his flow gliding over a warm keys loop and heavy-hitting drum production. We also see Jaz’s voice pop up in multiple ways, aside from his silky singing and rapping, we get angelic harmonisation and counter melodies that blend with the instrumentation.

Jaz shares, “I recorded this song in my room right before traveling to LA for the first time. My in-house producer Gamal sent me the beat and Immediately started recording. It was like a long rush of adrenaline.

We don’t have time to waste. Put the pride and ego aside.”

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