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Joda Kgosi releases heartwarming new E.P “Sour Milk”

Born and bred South African Joda Kgosi, is back with a heartwarming new E.P “Sour Milk.” However, what has become apparent, is that Kgosi’s focus isn’t just in the creation of infectious material, but she also wants to use her platform to spread positive messages.

Joda Kgosi is a strong women’s rights activist who grapples with PCOS, a condition that affects 4-20% of women population in the world. With many obstacles to overcome, Joda Kgosi wants her music to shine through and be a safe space where vulnerable people to find solace.

Her latest E.P “Sour Milk” showcases her unique and signature sound. Tracks such as “Pity Party” are heartwarming bops that feature warm keys and irresistible vocal melodies. Whereas tracks such as “How Dare You” are slightly more hard-hitting, with pounding drums, atmospheric synths and silky smooth vocals.

On her debut E.P; Sour Milk, Joda Kgosi brings on Malahia’s skill of weaving a little diary of love and relationships, and Jorja’s Smith’s talent of turning heartbreak into beauty, and power. With an infectious sound, we can’t wait to see where she’ll take this.