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Joey Gardiner releases infectious new single ‘Snowflake’

Bristol-based Joey Gardiner is back with a vibrant sounding new single ‘Snowflake.’ Having a passion and playing music all his life, he fell into playing bands during his college years. However, he fancied a change and dropped singles ME, Pain and Dirty Cigarette, all of which have been championed by heavyweight actor Paul Cooper.

His latest single ‘Snowflake’ is an irresistible offering. Drums thud though the mix, reverberating energy around the track and creating a groove that will get you up and dancing when partnered with the strong bass line. Guitars are soaked in chorus and provide the perfect foundation for Joey’s vocals to lie on top.

Speaking about the track, Joey reveals: “The song is surrounding substance abuse. In modern culture these things are glamorised and the reality is it only ends one way.”

With his lyrics and melodies working hand in glove, there’s nothing stopping the singer-songwriter reaching the top.