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Joey Gutos Makes a Triumphant Return with Captivating Single ‘Sand To Snow

Tempe-based artist Joey Gutos has made a powerful return with his latest single, ‘Sand To Snow.’ The track opens with a soothing acoustic guitar, gradually building up to include bass, strings, and punchy drums for an immersive experience. Joey’s vocals are dynamic, ranging from summery pop melodies to more introspective sections, conveying a romantic tale of surrendering to love’s ups and downs, from sand to snow.

The accompanying music video, skillfully directed by Chase Warren, portrays Joey’s struggle against internal and external obstacles, beautifully combining contrasting landscapes to symbolize life’s constant change. Through it all, ‘Sand To Snow’ emphasizes the importance of embracing the present and finding harmony in life’s journey.

Joey Gutos’ music defies genres, infusing indie pop with boundless energy and drawing inspiration from Motown’s legends, 60’s psychedelia, and blues/folk roots. He garnered attention with his debut single, “Everything (That I Need),” which not only impressed listeners but also made a positive environmental impact by planting a tree for every 1,000 streams. Joey’s live performances at esteemed venues and festivals, including the Ostrich Festival’s main stage, have further solidified his position as an artist to watch.

With his strong vision of promoting self-love and optimism, Joey Gutos stands out as a promising artist in the indie pop scene and beyond, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his next artistic venture.

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