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John Dhali releases new album ‘IN TIME LP’ with angelic sounding new single ‘Plain Sight’

John Dhali has crafted a signature sound for himself, which is a melting pot of folk, pop and indie all executed through his John Dhali lens. He’s emerged through some really tough times which included illness and rehabilitation – his music standing as a proud reminder of this. His first solo E.P was picked up by BBC Introducing Stoke and later by Huw Stephens for his Radio 1 show. 

John Dhali’s new album ‘IN TIME LP’ showcases a more defined and cohesive sound from the talented artist. Sam Boor, John Dhali’s co-producer, has helped Dhali fully express himself on the record. Soaked in positivity and expressed through irresistible melodies, divine instrumentation and anthemic choruses, the album is a well-flowing offering, showcasing many different sides of John Dhali. Tracks such as “Start Again” adds a more melancholy side to the record. Guitars grace the mix, creating a swirling pot of melodies, lying on top of minimal but effective drums. Whereas, tracks such as “Soft Kiss” are much more positive, indie-rock daring numbers – thudding drums, thick textures and raw vocals. 

“Plain Sight” is the lead single of the album, and will grab your intention from the off. Emotionally penned and irresistible, this is an easy-listening gem that will pick you up and drop you in John Dhali’s world. Whilst a message to those in mental distress, the track is glistened with positivity and empowerment. With the extraordinary accompanying video, it’s clear that John’s image and music marry up well. 

Speaking about the release he says: “Plain Sight came about from an intense period of working through my innermost shit. It was one of those rare and beautiful unicorn songs that falls out pretty much fully formed – just easily and naturally.  Recording was kind of the same – everything pulled together in three days and just felt good.  It was exactly what I wanted to say, and still is. Just gotta push through the dark and shine your light – it’s like a mantra I try to live by, not always successfully, but I’ve got faith in myself and in humanity.”

The new album is a crowd-funded, proving just how unstoppable John is and the power of his fanbase, make way for an artist on the rise.

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