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Josh Greatorex blends trap beats and bedroom pop on his new track ‘Come Over’

Josh Greatorex’s addictive hooks and production shine through on his new track ‘Come Over’, fusing a heavy bass with delectable bedroom pop prowess. Ebbing and flowing between euphoria and reflection, Josh is proving that his music is both thoughtful and dance-worthy.

Talking about the new release, Josh Greatorex shares: “The song is about reflecting on a recent break up. Although you are better off without them, you still miss them from time to time.”

Originally from South Africa, Josh takes inspiration from the country’s rich culture and creativity and is proving that his ambition is a force to be reckoned with. His previous single ‘Until The End’ caught the attention of listeners all over the world and now he’s ready to do it all over again with his flawless production and catchy choruses.

Check out Josh’s new single ‘Come Over’ here.