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Julian Scherle releases atmospheric single ‘Truth Of Heart’

German-born, LA based composer, multi-instrumentalist and artist, Julian Scherle, has been writing under pseudonyms and composing well-known film scores to build his career. His credits include ‘Luden’, ‘Mr. Robot,’ ‘American Horror Story,’ and ‘American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson.’ The artist blends cinematic soundscapes with mainstream sensibilities to entice audiences.

Achieving a true feeling of individuality in amongst a monumental atmosphere is not something you can say about a lot of music, but Julian Scherle’s ‘Truth Of Heart’ definitely fits that bill. Bringing together elements of ballads, electronic dance music and experimental pop and lacing it with deep orchestral connection allows Julian to create a soundscape that would feel right at home during the emotional climax of a film. His vocal performance feels ready to boil over with emotion, echoed in his somewhat darker feelings by the eerie, angelic yet ghostly harmonies that accent more forceful moments. In the backdrop to these vocals lies a huge array of synths and pianos, each processed to be reverberant and echoey, filling the soundscape with and a huge arena of music. Accenting these foundational twinkles are heartfelt strings, bringing the electronic feel back to reality, and swirling, heavy synth bass that only enforces the momentousness. Rich pads and vocal processing pumps through the choruses, building into a huge expanse before dropping back into the contrastingly simple but warming verses.

Julian shares on the track, “At its core, the song is a love song for someone who is very close to my heart. I was going through some quite difficult personal challenges over the past year, which forced me to open my eyes and rethink what human connection and love really means to me. Along the way, I asked myself questions like, ‘How do traumas, anxieties, and societal norms shape the way we connect with other people?’ and, ‘Is this even compatible with human nature? Are we constructing relationships that are impossible to live up to our expectations? Are we setting ourselves up for guaranteed failure?’

Love means to nurture both one’s own and another person’s spiritual growth. In the presence of dependency, control, anxiety and the wish for dominance, real love can’t exist.”

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