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JYDN HILL releases unique R&B single ‘Shame On You’

JYDN HILL wants to sound different from everybody else. Whilst his music nods to a range of different influences – bits of Jacquees, Craig David and Jeremih can be found in his music, but it’s executed through his own eyes. His latest offering ‘Shame On You’ acts as a proud example of this.

‘Shame On You’ is packed with emotion. His vocals are raw and emotional, but also showcase self-reflection, providing some more timid, shy elements. Moody drums cut through the mix doubling down on the track’s harsher lyrics. This is paired with afro-cuban guitars which provides a different musical element completely. ‘Shame On You’ is based on his toxic past relationship and discusses loyalty.

Speaking about the release he tells us: “At the time that I wrote ‘Shame On You’ I was just coming out of a very shitty, toxic relationship and a lot of these feelings were heavy on my mind. It’s crazy how people can be out here in relationships acting slimy, while projecting all of their dirty laundry onto you as if you’re the problem. I had to deal with a lot of lies, unnecessary drama and projecting over the course of 4 years. There were always complaints whenever I was at the studio late or travelling overseas for writing camps; and when good things in my career started to happen, I really felt like the love was disingenuous. So when I was in the studio that day I had to get a lot of things off my chest, and the song came about very quickly.”

JYDN HILL is eager to carve out his own niche in the industry and has his sights set on a bright future. With a mix of contemporary and modern, we can’t wait to see where he takes this.