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Katelyn Biehn – ‘Daydreamin’’

After two years away from the music scene, Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Katelyn Biehn is back with her brand new single Daydreamin’.

Making her debut back in 2017 with her single Spark, Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Katelyn Biehn has been winning hearts and ears with her original R&B-pop textured songs and captivating vocals. Following the release of her debut 2019 EP Ready, she has since taken the last two years to work on her craft and artistry; now picking up right where she left off with the release of her latest single Daydreamin’ last month. Drawing inspiration from artists such as John Mayer, H.E.R. and Justin Bieber to create smooth and captivating tracks; through her songs, we get a glimpse at the artist behind the music as they deliver heartfelt and poignant snapshots – told through Katelyn’s satiny vocals. The latest example of her skill and talent, Daydreamin’ is the start of a brand new chapter.

As the track begins, an ethereal and ambient melody fills the soundscape, bringing you into the sonic world of the song, and setting the tone for the atmospheric and addictive pop-led instrumental that runs throughout. Following the dynamic intro, Katelyn’s vocals emerge onto the sonic landscape, giving off gentle, vibrant and honeyed tones. Layered beneath her smooth and enchanting vocals is a melodic R&B pop-led composition, filled with rhythmic percussive beats, addictive guitar lines and soft reverbs. Just shy of three minutes long, the track instantly immerses you into a whole other world, and brings you fully into Katelyn’s daydream, as she explores those feelings of seeing a total stranger; and before you know it the rest is history, as you drift into a daydream about your entire lives and future together. 

“You know that moment when you see a total stranger and in your mind you imagine walking up to them confidently and introducing yourself and then the ‘rest is history?’ ‘Daydreamin” is that idea played out in someone’s mind. Who doesn’t love a romantic love at first sight story? A first love that lasts the rest of their lives. I started out with a fun beat just sitting around in my living room, I began making up a story with my friends and then ‘Daydreamin” was born. Who doesn’t love a romantic love at first sight story? A first love that lasts the rest of their lives.”

The start of an exciting new year for Katelyn; make sure to keep up with her, and follow her musical journey, on all her socials:


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