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Katie Mackie – ‘Glow’

“Glow is a story of illuminating the darkness”

Hailing from the North-East of Scotland; on Friday, pop artist Katie Mackie released her brand new single Glow. Emerging onto the music scene in 2018 as a solo artist, Katie has rapidly placed her mark on the industry – playing an array of shows across the country, and supporting the likes of Lewis Capaldi, Heather Small of M People and Mo Kenny. The follow on from her 2018 debut synth-pop album Kick It In The Headduring her two year long hiatus, Katie spent her time refining her songwriting and artistry; and is now back with a delicate pop track that highlights a new side to her artistic style. 

Produced by JP O’Grady, Glow was written amidst a difficult month in 2019, where Katie dealt with multiple forms of loss. A story of bringing the light amidst the darkness, the track delivers a stunningly gentle and delicate instrumental, with a rhythmic drum beat driving the track forward. With a stripped back instrumentation, Katie’s melodious and skilled vocal cadences glimmer above the soundscape; accompanied by light and airy harmonies.    

Talking about Glow, Katie says “Instead of trying to piece things together and constantly look at everything we go through in life with a magnifying glass, its sometimes better to let them go. Not everything has an explanation, not everything needs one”.

Weaving classical songwriting within a more contemporary production, “Glow is an intimate and fragile yet ultimately uplifting reflection upon loss”. The next in a line of many more new, exciting and fresh releases to come; keep up with Katie Mackie, and her upcoming releases on her socials @katieemackie

Photo Cred @ Louis Martin

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