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Katie Mackie – Terricot Town

“Stumbling out the window/ Terricot Town, a widow”

Back with another incredible release; today, rising indie-pop artist Katie Mackie delivers her brand new single Terricot TownEmerging onto the scene in 2018 and establishing herself as a solo performer, Katie has been placing her mark on the music scene since her debut release and EP Kick It In The HeadTaking a two year long hiatus after her 2018 release, Katie spent the time honing her craft and refining her songwriting and recording skills, coming back last year with the release of her enchanting single Glow. Continuing the momentum, Katie is now back with the second of her new releases as she delivers her brand new single Terricot Town. 

The latest example of Katie’s distinctive writing and sonic style, Terricot Town is a soft and gentle indie-pop led track, giving off a calming and enchanting aura that is impossible not to get swept up into. Filled with rhythmic beats and captivating melodies, the elevating tones and glimmering instrumentals are featured alongside the song’s overall intricately darker lyrics that are of a colder nature. A delicate piano led piece of pop perfection, the intimate and fragile track focuses on a universal narrative, left to be interpreted by the listener as they wish; and is of course, told through Katie’s fantastic and warm vocals full of heartfelt emotion.

‘I’ve recently found most of my writing mixes uplifting melodies with quite emotional and thought-provoking lyricism. This style of writing really fascinates me as I think the meaning of the track could be perceived differently by each listener in a way that’s personal to them; as a love song, a tribute to a lost one, a break up song, or even a song of hope’.

Another incredible and stunning release from Katie, stay tuned for more music and releases from the talented artist on all her socials @katieemackie

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