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KEIR – ‘Boys Will Be Girls’

“I met a girl it seemed like she was from another land”

Continuing to dazzle us with his incredible anthems and unique style and artistry; last month, rising Berlin-based singer-songwriter Keir came back with his latest release and third single of the year – his brand new track Boys Will Be GirlsWith a vibrant and bold alt-pop sound and style, Keir has been rapidly capturing a mass of attention over the past several years with his captivating vocals and innovative melodies. Further embarking on his ever rising trajectory, we can be sure to be getting more incredible new music and releases from Keir in the months and years to come. 

Delivering another candid and emotional track, Boys Will Be Girls sees Keir boldly breaking down gender stereotypes and barriers in this new anthem of freedom and fulfilment for the modern age. Opening with a hard hitting and rock-led guitar line, that instantly hooks you; the track boasts a feel good and up-tempo anthemic energy, filled with soaring synth elements and additive beats, that make the perfect bed for Keir’s emotive vocals. Alongside the soaring soundscape, Keir also accompanied the track with the release of some stunning, homespun, retro-tinged visuals that sees him explore and deconstruct gender boundaries.

“Sometimes, it feels like we are a definite thing. For example, if you’re a boy there are so many ideas attached to that. Really though, who you are should just be who you are surely? It’s fun to shape-shift I think, it definitely makes you more free, in a way.”

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