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Following the release of her debut album Missing Person earlier this month; LA-based Kiwi rock princess Kelsy Karter is back with a brand new music video for her latest single off of the record – Goodness Gracious

Released earlier this week, Kelsy teamed up with her boyfriend Adam Slack from UK band The Struts, to create some stunning and vivacious visuals. In ever typical 2020 fashion, the video sees the pair walking the streets of LA, wearing masks and having fun. Energetic, sweet and cheeky, it makes for the perfect accompaniment to the vibrant rock track.

Touching on some relevant cultural topics; at the 1:47 mark, Kelsy is seen spray painting two messages onto a concrete wall – the self explanatory “K.K. loves A.S.” – and “Fuck Trump.” “Think about it. You’re a 10 year old impressionable kid sitting at home watching the news with your parents, dreaming of being president someday,” Kelsy explains. “He is being taught the wrong values by having a man like Donald Trump as president. Sexism, racism, homophobic, nasty and inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable and it’s not right, yet we have a man in power who represents all of these things. I may not have much influence but if I can help promote love and kindness to one kid through speaking up for what I believe in, which is condemning that man and his behaviour, then I believe it’s worth it.”

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