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Kings Elliot – ‘Bitter Tonic’

“I always want to taste the poison first”

Emerging onto the music scene last year, rising artist Kings Elliot continues to place her mark on the music scene, and showcase her artistic skill and talent, as she brings us further into her unique alternative indie-pop inspired sonic world with each new release. Her second release of the year, the talented singer-songwriter came back yesterday with her brand new single Bitter Tonic – a poignant and stunning lament on self-destruction. Starting off 2021 with a bang, Kings Elliot has already racked up an impressive 1 million+ streams on Spotify alone – garnering the attention of listeners around the world, and showing no signs of slowing down. 

Another raw and honest release, Bitter Tonic is the latest example of Kings Elliot baring her soul in a powerful and emotive release. Opening the song with a delicate and slightly melancholic instrumental that runs throughout, Bitter Tonic sees her delve into the deepest parts of her mind; reflecting on the times when her inner saboteur has taken control. Mirrored in the stunning and atmospheric melodies, the brave and intimate nature of the track is expressed through the acoustic and ambient soundscape that draws you into a vulnerable and heart-felt sonic world; amplified by King Elliot’s celestial vocals that deliver a mass of dazzlingly poetic lyricism.

‘Bitter Tonic’ is about self-sabotage, self hatred, self-destruction… all the things I’ve always felt too uncomfortable to talk about. “The bitter tonic is mine” is the idea of desperately clinging onto my pain, defiantly refusing any help, because at my lowest it’s all I possess, all I have control over.”

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Photo Credit: @Christopher Espinosa Fernandez

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