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kleio unveil the anthemic shimmer of ‘four’

Performing across the UK and Ireland, drawing a consistently growing crowd with electrifying performances across a plethora of exciting venues. Reaching the edges of the British Isles on their opening year tour, which saw them go to ten venues in ten consecutive nights, the unstoppable power of kleio has continued into 2024.

kleio’s latest single is entitled ‘four’ their contrastingly, third, single release. The music brims with twinkling electric guitar melodies, balancing roaring riffs with gentle sparkles of solo melodies. These sparks in the instrumentation and the reserved energy of the drums are the perfect backdrop for a vocal performance which feels as live as live gets. Moving through the mix, never totally at the forefront, never shrouded by the other elements, it begs to be supported by a chanting audience, the harmonies equally calling out for the roar of a crowd. Shimmering, with just enough darkness for an alternative icon.

The band shares their thoughts on the live sound of the single, ”When writing the song ‘four’ we really had our live audience in mind. We began our playing career performing a mix of originals and covers and always wanted to have one of our songs sang back to us the way audiences would with the covers. ‘four’ has become that exact song, one of our favourite moments as a band so far was playing ‘four’ to a sold-out crowd who completely took over in Belfast, I had to give up singing the latter half of the song because of the noise.”