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Kraken releases unique sounding single ‘Khan Market Gang’

Kraken is representative of their hometown of Delhi. The 5-piece’s musical identity is a melting pot of different genres, cultures and ideas – similar to an urban city that has a wealth of different people.

Kraken showcases their unique sound in their latest offering ‘Khan Market Gang.’ Rock, Hip-Hop, Dance, Bhangra, Folk and Electronic are all present in the track and melted together. Hard-hitting drums provide the perfect canvas for Kraken’s colourful sound to be painted upon. An intricate riff shows unbelievable technicality, but mixes with a double bass incredibly well. The vocals are raw, well-penned and tinged with emotion. Their sound works hand in hand with their image which is present in their music video.

New Delhi is reflected in each of our songs. The nightlife, the streets, the food, the people and the architecture – Everything we’ve experienced growing up, looking at and experiencing foreign influences through the eyes of an Indian living in a fast globalising world and how cultures are shopped and adopted as they are no longer foreign anymore, but we are able to build our bonds with it and how they become a part of who we are, and who we become. 

Khan Market Gang is a song that personifies our love for Delhi, its people and our experiences in this lonely city. And that personification happens through the eyes of 5 musicians who are not only heavily influenced both by skilfully executed rock and rap music, but also by Bhangra, Folk and Bollywood.

Club Namaste, the EP challenged us in making life choices to prioritise making music and expressing over a lot of other things that Indian society holds in higher regard than music. We didn’t stop until we each resonated with the music together and were absolutely convinced that we had created something honest, real and was truly the sound we all heard in our minds.”

The band have already achieved major accolades. Examples include achieving national success in the independent scene when their debut single “Dance Jane Dance ” went viral winning them a Rolling Stone Award for Best Song People’s Choice. Kraken then went on to release their debut EP “LUSH” in 2017 which was completely funded by the competition prize money. With strong support and their music going from strength to strength, we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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