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L E A – EP: ‘Jersey Boy’

“Step right up/ I’m ready to dance/ I’ll give it a try/ Just to know how it is/ And if it’s right”

Back once again with her vibrant brand of alt-pop artistry; today, rising singer-songwriter L E A is delivering the latest taste of her sound and style with the release of her brand new offering – her debut EP, Jersey BoyFollowing on from her incredible series of 2021 singles so far, the EP is a stunning four track record that features her latest release, Pebbles, alongside a brand new acoustic version and two new tracks. Bringing us deeper into her sonic world, the record is an explosion of dazzling colour and sound, with four individual tracks that seamlessly blend together to create this captivating project. The latest example of L E A’s skill and talent, this is certainly one you won’t want to miss.

Kicking the EP off with her latest pre-released single, Jersey Boy opens with Pebbles; a song that is all about opening your heart up after years of being emotionally unavailable. Filled with passion and emotion, Pebbles delivers a cute and sweet verse before building to a powerful and bold melody as the chorus hits; immersing you in an anthemic alt-pop soundscape. As we dive into the main section of the EP, we get the two new tracks from L E A – Candy Coated and Take You On Tour. Both filled with vibrant and unforgettable alt-pop vibes; Candy Coated delivers a high energy, head banging track filled with rhythmic guitar lines and powerful vocals, before switching things up with a more emotive and acoustic-led atmosphere on Take You On Tour.

Wrapping up the EP on a high note, L E A ends the record with a stunning acoustic version of Pebbles. Bringing the record full circle, the acoustic instrumental adds an even more poignant and delicate, almost ethereal, vibe to the song; giving a new layer and meaning to the track. With the melodic and ambient melody floating along in the background, L E A’s vocals take centre stage and her honeyed vocal cadences are shown off to their full effect. 

A fantastic EP from start to finish, L E A continues to showcase why she is a current rising artist to watch. For more on L E A and to keep up with her exciting musical journey, stay up to date with all her music news and releases on all her socials:

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Photo cred: @Lindsey Ruth

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