LDRDO releases first single from upcoming record, titled ‘Light My Fire’

Loaded with soulful vocals and seductive guitar work, LDRDO’s first release from his upcoming debut ‘On The Road’ is a fantastic curtain raiser. Titled ‘Light My Fire’ the single dives head first into soulful sounds and retro grooves which underpin LDRDO’s songwriting prowess.

Discussing the release LDRDO explains: “I would say that this track tells the part of the story (track 5) which the protagonist is in the middle of his journey and is dealing with old memories and past experiences that makes him feel down and like he’s “losing his mind” and in pain, but he calls for that spark of inspiration to “light his fire”. So the song has a positive message to keep your head up and stay strong, and can relate to dealing with mental health issues  and depression.”

Based in Tel-Aviv, the producer-come-writer has already made waves locally. LDRDO is the moniker of David Levi, whose debut EP ‘Lost In the Fire’ is still drawing plaudits. Now LDRDO looks ahead to his debut album ‘On The Road’, a project that promises to captivate audiences with vibrant soundscapes from start to finish. Sharing, “‘On the Road’ is a concept album based on my semi-autobiographical journey after a crisis and my decision to refocus my life. Taking the same title from Jack Kerouac’s legendary book, this piece is heavily influenced by American road stories alongside my home culture in the middle east.”