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LDRDO shares spellbinding debut album ‘On The Road’

LDRDO is a growing artist from Tel Aviv, beginning to shine not only in his home town but on the global stage. Showcasing a unique but impressive songwriting ability, LDRDO creates a sound that resonates with everyone who listens. He holds a belief that music gives people the power to transcend their situations and transport them elsewhere, and this certainly comes across.

The artist’s debut album, On The Road by LDRDO, evokes an immediate mastery of his sound. Progressing through the first few tracks, listeners are engulfed in changing emotions, optimism and melancholy at odds as the artist comes to terms with his surroundings. The emotions present are that of self-deprecating apology, transforming to a sense of passionate presence, the acoustics ringing out brightly at the arrival at Light My Fire.

At the halfway mark, LDRDO begins to let his talents loose, giving the rope of sound design slack to experiment. Lost is an ever-intense piece of music, that feels incredibly cinematic. The synthesised dive of ‘NO FEAR’ and ‘CURTIS’ continue this captivating trend, before more dreamlike soundscapes take hold on ‘Anda Lucia’. Arriving at the penultimate track, these elements collide. Joyous folk influences are directly influenced by grittier synth distortion, as well as plenty of homeland-homaging melodies. With maturity, substance, and genuine boundary-pushing, the only question that remains is, where will LDRDO go next? I, for one, am excited for more.

He explains, “‘On the Road’ is a concept album based on my semi-autobiographical journey after a crisis and my decision to refocus my life. Taking the same title from Jack Kerouac’s legendary book, this piece is heavily influenced by American road stories alongside my home culture in the Middle East.”