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Leena Voxx delivers her poignant new single ‘My Hair’

“I was the tallest and the most quiet girl in the school yard. I found it hard to put words together. I felt I had no voice outside of home”.

Delivering an impressive series of releases already this year; London-based emerging artist Leena Voxx returned with her brand new single My Hair, last week. Drawing her inspiration from the sound and emotion of big female vocalists such as Beyonce and Alicia Keys, and more recently, artists such as Halsey, Mahalia and Camila Cabello; Leena has been honing her craft, and developing her voice and sound. Making a triumphant return this year after a two-year long hiatus, she has rebranded and re-emerged, showcasing herself as a rising artist and talent to watch.  

With gentle pop beats, mesmerizing melodies and subtle synth patterns running throughout; Leena’s powerful and emotive vocals drive the stripped back instrumental, gilding above the enchanting soundscape and highlighting her astute vocal skill. Fusing a dynamic percussive bassline and poignant melodies, Leena’s candid and vulnerable storytelling brings us into the emotionally charged sonic landscape; adding a more relatable and personal element to the song, and showcasing her talent as a songwriter. And infused with a wealth of soul and honesty; the track is hard to resist. 

A personal and honest song for Leena, My Hair delivers a brave and sincere narrative, as she recounts the bullying she received as a teenager at school; narrating the story as she sees it now. Talking about the song and her experience – one that will no doubt resonate with many people – Leena explained “This all happened more than 10 years ago and at the time I did not really think it was bullying. I found it hard to form relationships at school and just felt ‘different’ in more ways than one. It didn’t help that in my early teens I was already tall, about a head taller than pupils my age, including the boys. I became an easy target to poke fun of and I always wondered why it is that people don’t like me. What’s so wrong about me? I was constantly excluded from things and it felt hard. It used to upset me all the time and I went through emotions such as insecurity, anger, frustration and I used to cry about it. I called the song ‘My Hair’ because girls at school used to pick on me about my hair all the time”. 

In addition to the single release, Leena also delivered an accompanying music video, which sees her flash back to her old school days; shifting between the present, and a version of her school-aged self, as she performs the song. A perfect addition to the track, the captivating performance adds a new emotion and energy to the song. 

For more on Leena, and to keep up with her upwards musical trajectory; find her on all her socials @Leenavoxx

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