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Lenci – ‘Got To Get To Know You’

Last week, rising artist Lenci showcased the latest addition to her sonic collection with the release of her exciting and captivating new single Got To Get To Know You.

Making waves within the music scene since the release of her debut single Love Dimension in 2019, North Carolina native Lenci uses her music as a means of self-reflection and expression. With her songs often delving into the trials of love and life, her relatable narratives are delivered through skilled song writing and smooth, captivating instrumentals. Featuring warm, soulful R&B melodies and addictive pop-beats, Lenci’s vibrant artistry is certainly not one to be missed. The follow up to her 2019 release Insanitylate last week, Lenci returned with her first track of the year – her brand new single Got To Get To Know You

With poignant and relatable storytelling, Got To Get To Know You delivers a relatable and universal narrative about those early stages of getting to know someone romantically, and how exhausting that, and the early stages of dating, can be. Featuring a soft and catchy R&B-pop led instrumental that runs throughout, the track is playful and romantic with a reflective and immersive energy. Alongside the gentle melody are rhythmic percussive beats and addictive snaps that infuses a more homegrown and bedroom pop vibe to the song; adding a new layer, flow and generic element to the sonic composition.  

“I hope that when people listen to this song they understand that it’s ok to ask the “hard questions” when you are getting to know someone romantically. Their reaction and answers reflect where they are at that moment and if they are compatible with you. Let your mind speak before your heart gets involved! “Dating is exhausting. I wrote this song because I wanted to express that I’m drained from meeting potential partners that can only offer external desirability.. I think the most attractive trait someone can have is not the way they look, but the way they think.”

Marking the start of an exciting new chapter, 2021 is set to be a dazzling year in music for the talented artist. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for all of Lenci’s latest music news and releases, and keep up with her on all her socials:


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