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UK-based artist Lilith Ai is serving her dreamy, indie style vibes as she ponders the harsh realities of life, and overcoming demons, in her brand new bedroom pop track Shanks Pony.

Following on from her previous release Hysteriawhich garnered a mass of success; Shanks Pony is the latest edition to Lilith’s sonic collection. Pulled together by Lilith’s poignant and captivating storytelling, the song sees the singer divulge an intimate and relatable tale of growing up and the realities of life. With a series of releases over the past year that fit somewhere between indie-pop, bedroom-pop and anti-folk; Lilith is fast establishing herself as a rising talent, and an emerging artist to watch. 

Created by a vibrant soundscape consisting of hearty strings, distorted guitars and airy lo-fi production; the song immediately takes the listener on a reflective journey, aided by the nostalgic ambiance of the instrumentation. And alongside the synth-led instrumentals are Lilith’s signature velvety vocals, that deliver a captivating range of poignant harmonies and stunning melodies. Immersing you further into this enchanting sonic world is Lilith’s refreshing and candid lyricism that showcases her songwriting expertise and skill. 

When delving into the deeper meaning of the track, Lilith explains: “Seems to me no matter how much tech we invent, we are all fundamentally alone. This track is about facing your demons and the weight of everyday adulting. When I was a little kid I asked my Dad for a pony. Ha, the only pony I got was shanks! You know. We all gotta walk in alone.”

With more new music on the horizon, Shanks Pony comes as part of Lilith’s current project to release a track a month; So make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next release from the singer. For more on her earlier release Hysteria, check out our previous post, here. And to keep up with Lilith on her artistic journey, find her on all her socials, down below.


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