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Liverpool’s Addley unveils electrifying fifth single ‘Take Me Home’

Liverpool-based artist Addley is back with a bang, delivering his fifth single, ‘Take Me Home’, set to release on May 10th. Continuing on from a string of successful releases, Addley dives deep into high-octane rhythms and rich instrumental arrangements in this track. The song features a fast-paced drum rhythm that lays the foundation for powerful breaks and a captivating blend of clean piano and effect-drenched electric guitar. Addley’s soaring vocals, full of devotion, ride above these dynamic layers, playing against the energetic atmosphere with love-drenched elegance.

Addley sheds light on the inspiration behind the song, sharing, “‘Take Me Home’ is about the feeling you get at the end of the night when the lights turn on and people start separating into different groups with different plans, and you’d do anything to prolong the night. It’s about dealing with loneliness and desire in an often unsuccessful and unhealthy way.”

Sam Addley, better known as Addley, has established a strong presence in Liverpool’s alternative music scene. His genre focuses on combining emotional lyrics with a large band setup and electronic elements. His music is inspired by Florence + The Machine, London Grammar, and Sam Fender and has been described as “distinctively alternative” and “emotional yet upbeat.” With a 5-piece live act, Addley has performed across the UK and is gearing up for more shows in Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, and London this year. His previous releases have garnered significant attention, setting the stage for ‘Take Me Home’ to be another hit in his growing discography. Be sure to catch Addley live on one of his upcoming dates and experience his electrifying performances firsthand.