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Llunr – ‘Young River’

“Missing days when I wasn’t always stressing/ Here tryna catch my breath for a second”

Hailing from Amman, Jordan, rising artist Llunr delivers the latest example of his vibrant and unique brand of artistry as he moulds his real life experiences into captivating pop tinged melodies, that offer personal and relatable narratives, with the release of his single Young River late last year. With a gentle indie-led sound; Llunr uses his skill as a songwriter and lyricist to craft poignant and resonant narratives, drawing listeners in through his personal and intimate storytelling. 

Delivering an immersive instrumental filled with delicate piano notes, lulling guitar riffs and softly rhythmic percussive beats; the atmospheric and emotive soundscape sets the perfect backdrop of calm and peaceful serenity for Llunr’s stunning vocals, and gentle cadences, to lay atop of. Flowing over the rich, glimmering instrumentation and soft acoustics, his warm and soothing vocals narrate a tale of introspection and contemplation over our place and significance with the universe.

Describing the track, Llunr explains it as:

“A self-reflective moment thinking about our lives and journey’s while staring at the universe. The song is about those journeys and how young they are compared to the vast and ancient milky way.”

A passionate and dedicated artist who has confidently discovered their sound, make sure to follow Llunr on his ever rising trajectory on all his socials: @llunrmusic

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