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Lucas Watt releases anthemic new single “All My Friends”

Lucas Watt is making a major impact on the music industry. After a string of live dates, the singer-songwriter is back with an anthemic new offering entitled “All My Friends.” Fusing and merging old and new influences together, Watt has managed to craft a unique sound that has been lauded by fans and tastemakers alike.

“All My Friends” features grooving drums, warm guitar lines and infectious vocals. The track clearly takes inspiration from Sam Fender, The 1975 and Holly Humberstone, but Watt has also clearly placed his own musical blueprint on the track also. Honest and raw lyricism works hand in glove with the vibrant musical canvas, creating an emotionally-penned offering that will be sure to hook you.

Speaking about the meaning behind his latest single, Lucas explains, “I wrote All My Friends at the beginning of last year whilst reflecting on the strange way relationships work in our new online world. I based the whole track around the idea of being ‘ghosted’ and how it has become normal to end relationships by simply hiding behind your phone screen and not replying to that last message. I feel the darker sonics of this new single define who I am musically, which is why ‘All My Friends’ has become the track that has inspired the sound of music I’m working on to be released later in the year.”

2023 will be Lucas’s year – we’re sure of it.