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Luchi Takes Listeners on an Emotional Journey with the Release of His Latest E.P. “Me + Tears Ain’t Strangers.

Luchi’s “Me + Tears Ain’t Strangers” E.P is a testament to his powerful and emotional artistry. The release features tracks “He Said” and “Faith,” which showcase Luchi’s signature sound with bold drums and melodic guitars. The vulnerable ballad “Losing My Mind” highlights Luchi’s emotive vocal range and adds a serene touch to the E.P.

Luchi’s songs are a journey through his life, capturing a year’s worth of emotions. The tracks are snapshots of his experiences, including the end of a relationship in “He Said,” struggles with mental health in “Losing My Mind,” and the journey to finding hope in “Faith.”

He further shares: “All the songs I release start from a true life story from my life and I try to write in an honest and vulnerable way. As humans we all go through different situations but underneath, we all feel the same emotions so I hope to bring some healing through my music”

With roots in Glasgow and an Italian family background, Luchi draws inspiration from his surroundings to create music that is a form of therapy. He writes from personal experiences and aims to bring healing to others through his honesty and vulnerability. With a growing list of accolades, it will be exciting to see what Luchi creates next.

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