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Luciano Mendonca releases soulful debut album ‘Sign in the Stars’

Weaving together inspirations from contemporary standouts, jazz legends and the unknown musicians he’s witnessed along the way, Luciano’s songwriting journey has been marked by crafting elegance from simplicity. Inspired by the world around him, Luciano writes for the love of sound, touching the souls of all who listen.

The latest of Luciano’s major projects is his vibrant debut album ‘Sign In The Stars’. Leading listeners by the hand on a journey of colourful indie optimism, the artist brings nostalgic sounds to fresh songwriting feeling, giving him the ability to contrast the smiley pop brass on ‘Pass-a-Grille’ with the intense guitar and electronics on ‘Desires’ whilst keeping audiences wrapped in a heartfelt contentment.

Though thematically the project draws from personal experience, each topic feels familiar and relatable, you can see pieces of your own personal growth in each emotive soundscape Luciano brings, with standout tracks that cross the genre spectrum, Luciano enters 2024 with a true showcase of songwriting prowess.

Luciano explains the new album, ”Each track in ‘Sign in the Stars’ is a deeply personal reflection, drawn from my own life experiences and emotions. I also have a unique ability to empathize with others’ feelings, allowing me to craft music that resonates with a wide range of emotions, even those I may not personally be experiencing.”